Introducing InTouch Drive

A Sales and Retention CRM Tool for Health Clubs


InTouch Drive is a sales and retention CRM tool designed specifically for the health and fitness industry. It's a major upgrade to InTouch's FollowUp software, and one we think you'll like. We've designed InTouch Drive with usability in mind and streamlined the user experience for greater staff productivity. With InTouch Drive, you can expect reduced staff training time and set-up. 

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InTouch Drive features a responsive design so you can access and use it any time, on any connected device. Users can add and manage contacts with mobile devices, tablets or PCs both inside and outside of the club. For management, this makes it easier to keep track of staff activities. 

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Data Integrity

With InTouch Drive, duplicate entries are a thing of the past. With the introduction of Power Match, lead information entered is automatically checked against existing contacts and possible duplicates are brought to your attention.


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